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Home automation – this is a control system for comfort, safety and home operation expenses. The ability to control the house using a tablet, smartphone or computer, and this opportunity from anywhere in the world. Easy management and control of all systems in the house will bring you comfort and satisfaction. Light and climate control make the residence as ergonomic and economical as possible. The system will notify you of any changes immediately.

If you wish, you can get a quick overview of the current status of home heating systems and ventilation. With automation, the control unit of your house is set up according to your wishes, which can be changed quickly from the smart device later. You can also configure away-mode settings that reduce costs.

The smart home system can integrate an unlimited number of different applications and your home meets all modern comfort and safety requirements.

1. Various electrical equipment and systems
2. Lighting
3. Use of electricity
4. Sound and television
5. Heating and ventilation
6. Water supply and water flow control
7. Fire and alarm systems
8. Water supply and stair heating systems
9. Window blinds
10. Plant irrigation system
The system can also be used for smaller production and commercial premises.